Pay As You Go Branding Package



This Package is for Business Owners that want to build up their own stock library of images to use over a period of time on their Website and Social Media Platforms.

The Package includes a detailed Planning Session on the Phone or in Person, 3 hours of Shooting Time in the Auckland Region and an Online Viewing Gallery with all your images for 12 months.

On shooting day we take all the shots that you would like to have covered based on our Planning Session and after the session I upload the best images from the session to an online gallery. You can then go into the gallery to purchase those images and automatically download them straight from the gallery for your use as and when you require them based on your content plan. The gallery will be online for 12 months and basically acts like your own personal stock images, whenever you require an image you go through the gallery and download just the one that you need.

The cost for the session IS $99 and covers my time and the cost of the online gallery for 12 months.

The cost for purchased image is:

  • $39 for a single image
  • $399 when you buy 10 images
  • $29 per image for a minimum of 30 images

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