Beautiful, professional shots of you are an easy way to enhance your Instagram and showcase your personality in the best light! These shots make your brand instantly recognisable and build trust with your audience. 

But where else can you use all these shots aside from your social media? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1.    Social media feed

First impressions count, especially on social media. We form a first impression in less than 50 milliseconds. A beautifully designed feed will capture that initial interest!

Having content and photos that WOW will make your page stand out and will lead to a higher engagement rate and will increase your audience size.

A personal branding photoshoot will help with the aesthetics of your feed. Your feed will look cohesive and beautiful because it shows that you have thought about the colours, the types of shots you’re needing and your brand’s style.

2.    Business cards & flyers

Always carry business cards on you. You never know where your next customer or client will come from and having a branded business card will make you more memorable. You can take these to networking events, leave flyers on local community boards and ….

3.    Your website 

Your website is like your shop. When people enter, they like to browse around and if something interests them, they might buy or sign up to your newsletter. Having a professional looking website is important if you want your brand to be taken seriously. A branded photoshoot will help with just that.

You can use these images all throughout your website. Use a nice friendly image of yourself on your About page. Update your blog articles and have consistent brand imagery and then share these to Pinterest to generate more traffic to your website.

 If you work in the service business, use your best images on your homepage so people can visualise straight away who will be helping them.

4.    Facebook Ads 

Thinking of posting an ad on Facebook? Use images of people rather than just your product. Even Facebook will tell you that images of people perform better than ads of just products.

Ads with people in them flow more naturally within the feed timeline. People are more likely to stop their scroll if it’s a natural looking photo. People are naturally curious and with the right targeting behind the ad, it will spark their interest.

Less text is more. Too much copy is distracting, and people will lose interest fast. Clean, high-res images that are uncluttered by text have greater impact and will spark curiosity.

5.    Email signature

How many emails do you send per day? Adding in a professional branded signature will help drive recognition and enforce trust. Remember to hyperlink to your Instagram, Facebook page and your website. If people are interested, they will click to find out more about you.

There’s so many more uses to brand photography than just posting on your social media feeds. One branded photoshoot will get you at least 6 months of consistent, and beautiful material for you to use on all your marketing material.

Here’s how you can get your free branding photoshoot consultation. Start feeling confident about your brand!

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