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Pottery Branding Photos

Personal Branding Session for Pottery Ceramics creator Sarah from Perfectly imperfect ceramics in auckland Sarah's Personal Branding Session was nothing short of fun. Sarah is the owner of Perfectly Imperfect Ceramics and her beautiful pieces stand out through its simplicity and uniqueness. I have always had a fascination with pottery, so when she reached out to me for some Branding Images, I was beyond thrilled. Before her shot, we started discussing how she intends to use her images. This is[...]

Storytelling Photographer Auckland

Branding Photo Shoot with Kelly from No More Wine o’Clock

Kelly is the person behind No More Wine O'Clock - helping women to learn the tools that will actually make a difference to themselves and their life to change their drinking habits. She was in the process of revamping her website and her business. She realised that in order to get potential clients more engaged and to better connect with them, she needed to be more in the front of her business. She engaged me to capture some images of her, how she is working and what she is about. It was import[...]

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